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Discussion tree created by Dave Winer on Thursday, June 14, 2012.

A web of writing


It's very nicely done, and looks like it's easy to use, but it's a silo.

If you write there, you're performing for free.

If it works, the owners will make a billion dollars. Good for them. Not great for us.

Because it's owned, if it's successful, we'll be "users" and others will be "partners."

It's not a level playing field now, and if it were to get successful, it will very likely become less of one.

If it becomes essential, perhaps I will use it.

But I deleted my Facebook account, and I don't miss it one bit.

Relational writing

I am writing this in an outliner.

I envision a day when you have an outliner too, and will be able to put the cursor on a line you want to write relative to, right click, and glue that spot to a spot in your outline. Start writing. And your writing will appear under mine in my world. Also in your world.


I want to do another bootstrap. Writing inside someone's silo might help them bootstrap yet another silo. Not only is that boring, but it is against my interest.

I want a wild disorganized chaotic brainstorming space that spans the world, open to everyone.

Not a place for Dick Costolo and Ev Williams to bring my eyeballs to Pepsi and Nascar.

Those guys tend to think in terms of insiders and outsiders. I think that's weak.

About this outline

I'm using Disqus for the comments here. But this is a bootstrap too. I do it this way because...

1. You don't need to install any software to participate.

2. I'm not ready with the web-of-writing software yet.

Anil, it's not just like trackback. :-)

It will be as open as HTML/HTTP/RSS.